The Sketchiest 60º Chute in Argentina: “The Paraguayan Tropic Couloir”

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(editor’s note:  I titled this post…  but this couloir really is insane)

This video features a heavy couloir, called the Paraguayan Tropic couloir, with 60 degrees plus. It was probably the most consistently long, narrow and steep couloir I have tried to ski, and it was a great adventure. This run is in Guadalajara, Malargüe, and we were forced to use the Alejo/Dorian handmade pitons for 2 rappels during the descent due to low snow. It was kind of like rock climbing with no options of bailing off the route. Once your in, your in for the whole way, with no exits.

“Fue una del las mejores adventuras de mi vida. Es un rincon en el medio de enormes montañas. Poder acceder a lugares así gracias a este deporte me vuelve loco y me hace muy feliz.” – Alejo Sanchez, the premier snowboarder of Argentina.


“It was on of the most grand adventures of my life. The line is a very small, secret place in the middle of giant mountains. This sport makes it possible for me to access crazy places like this, and that makes me stoked!” – Alejo Sanchez, the premier snowboarder of Argentina.

Once again thanks to Adria Millan for making these videos possible, and thanks to Mike Hamilton for the beta, and for picking us up with the car.

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