Ski Ballet Flashback | Rune Kristiansen, Master of Ski Ballet

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Run Kristiansen laying it down! vide:

Behold, Rune Kristiansen, the Norweigian ski ballet legend. Kristiansen won gold in the FIS ski ballet championship in 1995. During his career he won a total of 54 world cup victories.

Ski ballet didn’t last very long; it shone too brightly and was destined to fall. Ski Ballet was a ski aerials event in the 1998 and 1992 Olympics. Surprisingly, once the sport was dropped from the Olympics popularity quickly dropped. (Undoubtedly the only reason for the drop in popularity). Somehow ski ballet was a International Ski Federation (FIS) sport until 2000. Meaning that somewhere in the year 2000 people were gathering, and competing in ski ballet.

enhanced-16290-1391028843-8 enhanced-21985-1391025914-2The grace, the beauty… looks a little bit like park skiing nowadays!? photo: Chris Cole/Getty Images

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