VIDEO: Extreme Athlete Combines Big Mountain Skiing and BASE Jumping | Skis Off Huge Cliffs then Deploys Parachute

Steven Agar |

Matthias Giraud, aka, “Super Frenchie” is an extreme athlete known for combining two of the most dangerous action sports in the world; big mountain skiing and BASE jumping.

Ski-BASE jumping is not for the faint at heart, as athletes fly off massive cliffs while deploying their parachutes within mere seconds of landing.

ski-base jumping, base, big mountain
Ski-BASE jumping: Combining two of the world’s most dangerous sports. Credit: Great Big Story

Matthias’s passion for the sport has taken him all over the world, from the Eiger and Matterhorn in Switzerland to Telluride, Colorado. Now, he’s on the search for his next great adventure.

Just one question… does he skin back up and retrieve his poles?

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