Ski Mountaineering in Mongolia | “Camels Are Never Cold” movie trailer

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When we think of Mongolia, we think of high plains, wild asses, camels, yurts, nomads, & yak butter tea.  We don’t think of mountains, glaciers, snow, and skiing.

Unbeknownst to us, all of these things exist.  Mongolia has mountains, plenty of snow, and epic skiing.

Ski mountaineering seems to have reached every zone of Earth in recent years but we’ve never heard of people skiing & climbing in Mongolia.  This ski movie trailer gives us a hint of the experience and it’s certainly enticing.

“This is the story of a freeski mountaineering expedition to the Tavan Bogd mountain range in Mongolia.”Simply Beauty Productions

The full movie comes out in Fall 2013 and we’ll be waiting.

Wild Mongolian Ass
Wild Mongolian Ass

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3 thoughts on “Ski Mountaineering in Mongolia | “Camels Are Never Cold” movie trailer

  1. It´s called a reference, in this case to “Baraka”, as well the kid with the mask as “V for vendetta”.

  2. Thanks for pointing that out Matt, we really had no idea. We just thought it sounded really cool (and still do). Cheers, the Camels Are Never Cold team. (We’re not cold anymore.)

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