Looking For Employment At A Ski Resort? | This Website Is Taking The Bum Out Of Ski Bum

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Ski Resort Employment
The website features an easy to use interface and interactive map. Image: skiresortjobs.org

Good news, you don’t have to be a bum to live in a mountain town any longer! The fine folks over at SkiResortJobs.org are making it easier then ever to find gainful employment instead of drinking your life away at the local watering hole.

“There was a huge lack in our industry of a central hiring resource,” says Gard Skinner, founder of SkiResortJobs.org “There’s ones for nurses, journalists, and even pilots, but there’s not one for skiers.”

Thankfully, this is no longer the case!

Ski Resort Employment
Hopefully ski bums everywhere will now be able to move out of their vans. Image: powchaser.wordpress.com

Hundreds of listings can be sorted by location or department, and run the full spectrum from ski patrol to office jobs like guest services and human resources.

Check out the website here

Huge shoutout to Powder.com for putting this on our radar!

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