EXCLUSIVE: SnowBrains Learns of Multi-Billion Dollar Venture for Ski Resort Atop Mount Everest

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The planned 360-degree view from the restaurant at the top of the world. Credit: stubaier-gletscher.com

SnowBrains has received world exclusive secret documents of a Middle East conglomeration planning to create a ski mega-resort on Mount Everest, including chairlifts, a gondola, a world-class restaurant, and cafeteria at the summit.

A number of rich businessmen are involved in the multi-billion dollar venture, which they optimistically plan to have operational by the summer of 2021, although the recent coronavirus pandemic may put back those plans. Construction companies have been consulted, and are under strict confidentiality silence rules, but we understand that they are aiming to break ground as soon as May 2020.

The as-yet-unnamed resort will initially operate in the summer, winters on Everest are way too harsh, although there are future plans to control the weather to make it an all year round skiing destination.

ski resort, Mount Everest, restaurant, joke, April fools, funny
The south side of Mount Everest, soon to be home to the best skiing and riding on the planet. Credit: Shutterstock

A huge 300-seat restaurant, to be named ‘Hillary’s’ in honor of Sir Edmund Hillary, the first human to summit the world’s highest peak, will be a pressurized building to enable easy breathing for patrons and will feature windows 360 degrees around offering unparalleled views from the top of the world. There will also be a world-famous coffee retailer for those needing their hot caffeine fix.

The resort base will be where the South Base Camp is now, in Nepal at an altitude of 17,598 ft. Reinforced trams, equipped with airline-style drop-down oxygen masks, will transport riders to the summit at a little over 29,000ft.

At the top riders will be able to enjoy fine dining, either western or eastern, a cafeteria-style menu, or sit at tables overlooking the view and enjoy their own PB&J sack lunches. A store at the top will sell additional clothing for those who underestimated how cold it can get at the top of the world, and will also hire-out scuba style oxygen tanks for those a little out of breath planning on skiing down. The tanks can then be turned in at base camp for the return of a small deposit to help eliminate the trash problem on the mountain.

ski resort, Mount Everest, restaurant, joke, April fools, funny
Current south side base camp, the site of the new, as yet unnamed, ski resort. Credit: devinsabbatical

As part of the construction plans, runs and pistes of various technical difficulties will be carved into the mountainside, to include terrain parks, and genetically modified trees that can withstand the harsh environment at that altitude will be planted to create some of the most spectacular gladed ski runs on the planet. A 13-mile ski-run from the top, at 29,029ft, to base camp at 17,598ft will be created to offer the world’s longest single vertical drop of almost 11,500ft. It is estimated that there will be about 10,000 acres of skiable terrain, to begin with.

For the non-skiers, a zip-line will be installed, as well as a via ferrata style climbing course, skating rink, movie theater & bowling alley and well-known restaurants.

Everest, highest, mountain, himalayas, hillary, tenzing, first
Hillary and Tenzing made history as the first men to summit Everest. Credit: NatGeo

Mount Everest still remains today as the pinnacle of any climber’s career, reaching the summit of the world’s highest mountain. When accused of taking away this challenge, and undermining any climber’s efforts with the installation of a tram, an anonymous source retorted:

There’s nothing to worry about. Climbers can still climb Mount Everest from the North Base Camp on the Tibet side and realize their dreams. And once they reach the top, they can enjoy perfectly prepared filet mignon, a glass of Dom Perignon, and share the view with the jeans wearing, knit-hat bedecked tourists.

We for one cannot wait and will be first in line when lift tickets go on sale. The only question remains, how much will a day ticket cost?

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