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The Ski California Gold Pass may be the only pass that is fully transferable(meaning you can loan it to friends!) and has NO BLACKOUT DATES and gives you 50 days to each of the 32 participating Resorts!

Their slogan;

“32 Resorts. 1 Pass. That’s Gold.”

says it all.

The Gold Pass is Ideal for the skier or rider who has a fear of commitment or a nicer way to say that would be someone who wants options. It can be tough to choose one resort.

With the Gold Pass you can make your decision on wear to shred based on things like: 

Who has the most snow? Who got the best snow in the last storm cycle? Which resort has an fun event coming up? Which resort may be on wind hold? Which resort has the best terrain park right now?

 The catch, you ask? There are only 100 Passes available each season. Previous pass holders have priority. If you are lucky enough to catch a spot on the 100 list then you better have $2,750 to shell out before October 1. After that prices go up to $3,250.

-Exclusive Deal through Praxis Skis

Get your very own pair of Ski California Limited Edition skis handmade by Praxis Skis out of Lake Tahoe, NV. When you order your Gold Pass you have the option to buy any model of ski with the Ski California Edition top sheet, for $750! Retail value of $1,200.

50 days at each of the 32 Resorts

in California and Nevada:

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One thought on “Ski/ Ride 32 Resorts In California and Nevada With 1 Pass | The Gold Pass

  1. that’s cool if you’re rich and can travel all over to take advantage of all that crap….. but yet u can’t buy a pass for just 1 resort for a reasonable price… many people want to just buy… Let’s say an “Alpine Meadows” Season Pass and have it only work there, cuz that’s the only place they want to ride… but KSL is greedy and won’t offer that, so you are forced to buy a pass that cost way more than it should be to get perks you don’t want or need or will ever use. you just want to pay $379 and be able to ride at 1 resort. they should offer this for any single resort they are managing….. but no that would be helpful to the locals and people on limited budgets… and who wants those at these fancy resorts anyways? ……right?! those folks scare away the tourists. 🙁

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