Ski and Ride “The Mt. Baker” of Chile With evo

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One of the most gorgeous places in the world and Evo is all set to take you there.
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You know what it’s like. The season is over, and while we all love summer, our snow addiction never really goes away. And come July, we start to hear about the onset of winter in the Southern Hemisphere. Places like Chile, Argentina, New Zealand and Australia. As the days go by, we glance more at our favourite ski sites. We look to see what’s happening in the ski world and forget the bike or surf world.

Nothing like a little pow pow in August.
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Once August rolls around, we’re in full Jones mode for pow. Forget summer, we need snow. So what are your options? If you’re looking for consistent winter, massive mountains, amazing food in one of the coolest countries in the world, has you covered.

Evo is putting together 3 ski and snowboard trips to Chile in August

Based in Las Trancas at the Rocanegra Mountain Lodge, you’ll have access to one of the best ski areas in the Southern Hemisphere, Nevados de Chillan. The 8 day trip includes almost everything so all you have to do is book your flight and show up, ready to shred.

We like to call Nevados de Chillan the Mt. Baker of the Southern Hemisphere.  No one gets more snow than Chillan…

Sure beats riding a chairlift.
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The Rocanegra Mountain Lodge is a lodge and spa nestled in heart of the Andes Mountain Range, one of the highest and biggest mountain ranges in the world. You’ll spend a week skiing and riding on active volcanoes, explore waterfalls and hotsprings, amazing food and drink and unwind in a gorgeous lodge and spa in one of the most beautiful settings in the world.

If you’re interested in skiing and riding in Chile this summer, Evo is ready to take you. They have all the details worked out so all you have to do is grab your gear and book a flight.

These 3 trips will sell out quickly so drop a line!

  • August 6-13, 2017 – Las Trancas
  • August 13-20, 2017 – Las Trancas
  • August 20-27, 2017 – Las Trancas

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