Ski Utah to Combat Climate Change by Becoming Climate Neutral Certified

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Climate Neutral Ski Utah
Ski Utah is among another 400 companies that are Climate Neutral Certified; image:

If there’s one thing that’s instrumental to the ski industry it’s snow. After this past season, it’s no secret that many mountainous regions have experienced warmer weather and less snow. In an effort to combat rising temps, companies like Ski Utah have decided to take action and work to become climate neutral. 

Ski Utah is a branch of the non-profit, The Utah Ski and Snowboard Association, that promotes skiing and snowboarding in Utah. The organization has officially been certified as Climate Neutral. 

By becoming climate neutral certified, Ski Utah is now a part of a growing community working to minimize its carbon footprint. Climate Neutral, a non-profit, specializes in helping these companies take the first step toward reducing greenhouse gas emissions. So far over 400 companies have been Climate Certified, meaning they are actively working to minimize their effect on the climate. 

There are a few steps a company or organization must undergo before being certified as Climate Neutral. First the entire carbon footprint of the organization is calculated. After calculating the carbon footprint, they begin identifying areas where emissions can be greatly reduced, if not eliminated. When a brand, or organization is Climate Certified, it means they have achieved net-zero carbon emissions. Offsetting any emissions caused by travel, production, employee commuting, or any other utility used throughout the year. 

With the help of the team at Climate Neutral, Ski Utah has formulated a plan to begin making changes to counteract its carbon footprint. In addition to reducing emissions, Ski Utah has purchased multiple credits for projects involving renewable energy as well as forests. For an organization centered around snowy winters, it’s important for the company to work towards protecting the “Greatest Snow On Earth”. 

 “Looking forward, Ski Utah is committed to reducing our carbon footprint however we can,” its website states.

Climate Neutral
Climate Neutral is encouraging companies to become more accountable for their carbon footprint; image: @beclimateneutral on Instagram

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