VIDEO: Skier Airs Into Avalanche @ Berthoud Pass, CO

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This video shows us a skier who airs into his an avalanche that he triggered at Berthoud Pass, Colorado.  He was lucky as the avalanche was on the smaller side and he was able to stay on top.

Please check the Colorado Avalanche Information Center website before heading out into the Colorado backcountry.

I was caught in an avalanche on Saturday at Berthoud Pass. Poor decision making was made in our slope choice and I’m lucky to walk away totally unharmed. Lessons were learned and hopefully this helps persuade other people to keep making conservative backcountry decisions. You can see the entire CBS clip and the GoPro video in the link below.… – lightspeed82

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2 thoughts on “VIDEO: Skier Airs Into Avalanche @ Berthoud Pass, CO

  1. He must have thought he was Seth Morrison with that full face. He may have needed it the way he bounced off those rocks, what an idiot. And charging out of control like that onto a wind loaded slope above cliffs….

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