VIDEO: Skier Triggers Huge Avalanche and Escapes by Parachute at the Last Second

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Professional speed rider Maxence Cavalade was skiing the beautiful backcountry on the North-East face of Charvet in Val d’Isère when he triggered a huge avalanche during his run.

avalanche, alps, parachute
Maxence triggers the slide. Credit: Maxence Cavalade

Luckily for him, he had a parachute on and managed to leave the ground just as the snow beneath him cracked and started sliding down the hill (cue James Bond theme tune…).

avalanche, alps, parachute
As he soars above the valley, the slide he triggered is clearly visible. Credit: Maxence Cavalade

As he turns around the sight of the avalanche behind him shows that had he not escaped, there would probably have been a more tragic outcome.

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