Skier Dragged in Large Avalanche in Hotham Backcountry, Australia

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Yes, even Australia has fatal avalanches.  Luckily this one wasn’t deadly.

A skier triggered a large avalanche in the Hotham backcountry on Saturday, part of the Victorian Alps of the Great Dividing Range, located in the Australian state of Victoria.

The skier triggered the slide on Harris Horror backcountry run at Hotham around 9.30 am Saturday morning after the area received a 40 cm ( 15 in) dump. 

The avalanche carried the skier 150 yards down the slope, causing him to eject from both his skis and burying him twice, Snowsbest reports. He was able to unbury himself with the help of his two touring partners. His skis were buried nearly 10 feet underneath avalanche debris.

There is no shame in triggering an avalanche! Just please stay safe and do your best to learn from these terrifying experiences, mitigating future risk.

The aftermath of the Hotham backcountry avalanche that caught and carried a skier last Saturday. | Photo courtesy Snowsbest

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