VIDEO: Skier Survives Horrific 20-Foot Drop onto Highway but Suffers Serious Injuries

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A fun day full of hooting and hollering soon turned into a horrific nightmare for Jakob Neuhauser as an accident left him with broken limbs and serious internal injuries.

Finishing an awesome day with his buddy, they skied down to the bottom and whilst his friend stopped, Jakob, unfortunately, skied right past him and over a 20-foot drop to the highway below, causing a fractured right thigh, shattered pelvis, and a bruised lung. The silence, then the moaning and screaming, are truly horrifying to listen to.

video, horrific, accident
Where’s the fence?! Credit: Jakob Neuhauser

Not sure why there wasn’t a barrier there, and hope there is now, but we’re glad Jakob survived and is in good spirits.

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