Skier Killed in 150′ Crevasse Fall on Mt. Rainier, WA on Sunday | 2nd Skier To Die on Rainier in 2 Weeks

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14,411′ Mt. Rainier, WA.

A male skier died while skiing on 14,411′ Mt. Rainier on Sunday.  This was the 2nd skier to die on Mt. Rainier in 2 weeks after a Heavenly, CA ski patroller died skiing Rainier on July 3rd, 2017.

42-year-old Michael Naiman, of Seattle, fell 150-feet into crevasse on the Emmons Glacier at about 12,800′ on the north side of the mountain while skiing.  He was with 2 other skiers descending the mountain when he fell.

A 911 call was made and 6 Mount Rainier climbing rangers were sent on a rescue mission via helicopter.  These rangers landed on the summit, descended to the accident area, and rappelled 150′ down into the crevasse where Michael had fallen.  They encountered Michael with “traumatic injuries” and without any signs of life.  They extracted his body from the crevasse.

Rainier and Lenticular clouds

Michael’s body was transported to Pierce County Medical Examiner’s Office. 

The rescuers raised Naiman to the surface of the glacier where he could be transported by helicopter to the Pierce County Medical Examiner’s Office.

The rangers descended with the two other skiers to camp Schurman.  The two skiers made it back to their cars at 1pm on Monday after spending a night at Schurman.

In May, a 24-year-old woman 100-foot crevasse on Rainier at around 12,300′ and survived after rescuers pulled her out.

On July 3rd, a skier (Heavenly, CA ski patroller) fell into a snow bridge over Pebble Creek and was never seen again.

“This is the time of year where its pretty darn dynamic up there.  Where you may be able to ski last week, might not be as secure this week.” – spokesperson Fawn Bauer told the Seattle Times

At least 423 people have died on Mt. Rainier since 1897.

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