Skier Killed in Norwegian Avalanche

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© Endre Myrdal Olsen
Tjonnholstinden in Southern Norway. Photo: Endre Myrdal Olsen

Search and rescue crews found a body on Tuesday in a mountainous area of southern Norway.The missing skier, a man from Valdres in his 30’s, failed to return from a trek in the mountains near Vågå in Oppland County. Officials later confirmed he’d been killed by the fall caused by an avalanche.

Officials believe the avalanche crashed down from the north side of the summit of the peak called Tjønnholstinden at Valdresflya in the mountains of Jotunheimen. Rescue workers report they had found a backpack and pair of skis at a higher elevation.


Rescue helicopters found the body under the edge of the 7,650 foot Tjønnholstinden. Authorities believe he may have fallen over 1,300 ft.

Although ski season is nearly over in southern Norway, many are still vying for backcountry lines. However, rapidly changing Spring temperatures make for prime avalanche conditions.

Our thoughts are with the victim’s family and friends. Stay safe out there.


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