800-Foot-Long Skier Triggered Avalanche on Mt. Tallac, CA Injures Skier, Breaks Ski

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Skier descending onto slope before avalanche. photo: SAC

“A skier triggered avalanche was reported at the trailhead of Mt. Tallac this afternoon.  The avalanche occurred in The Cross, a steep couloir off of the main summit of Mt. Tallac.  The avalanche occurred at 12:30pm.  The main entrance into the Cross had been skied by approximately 8 people at around 11am with some minor loose wet activity observed.  At 12:30pm, a group of 2 skiers went to the top to descend the skiers left entrance, on an east aspect.  As the first skier made several turns into the slope, the slope released a slab avalanche.  The skier was carried approximately 800′ downslope past trees and over rocks with the avalanche debris continuing to run downslope further. Injuries were reported with a broken ski and lost equipment.” – Sierra Avalanche Center, Saturday

Looking up avy debris towards crown. photo: SAC

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