Skier Triggers Massive Cornice Break-Off Along Davenport Hill, UT

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Utah, cornice
A huge cornice broke away along Davenport Hill, UT. Credit: Mark Johnston

Just take a look at this massive cornice that fell along Davenport Hill Saturday. Luckily no one was caught or below when it came down, just a few destroyed trees.

The break-off was triggered by a skier skinning the ridge. It broke about 3 feet from the skin track. No one was hurt.

utah, avalanche
Current danger. Credit: Utah Avalanche Center

The avalanche danger is MODERATE on all steep upper elevation slopes, where shallow slabs of new wind drifted snow could fail. The danger is MORE pronounced on mid and upper elevation slopes facing northwest, north, and northeast for an avalanche that breaks 1-2′ feet deep on a persistent weak layer. At the mid and lower elevations, there is a MODERATE danger for wet loose avalanches.

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