UK Reacted Slowly to Covid-19 Because “Lots of Key People Were Skiing” in February 2020

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boris johnson,
Prime Minister Boris Johnson skiing. Credit: AP

The UK responded slowly to the covid-19 pandemic last year because “lots of key people were skiing,” a former government adviser revealed yesterday.

Former chief adviser Dominic Cummings said the Government was “not in any way on a war footing” in February.

“The Government and Number 10 was not operating on a war footing in February on this in any way, shape, or form. Lots of key people were literally skiing in the middle of February. It wasn’t until the last week of February that there was any sort of sense of urgency, I would say.”

– Dominic Cummings

The Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, was himself on a two-week holiday.

Cummings is answering questions on Britain’s initial response to the pandemic in February 2020. It’s alleged senior politicians and officials fell “disastrously short” of what was required of them when the pandemic broke out last year.

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