“Skiing Films Now Have Stories to Match the Stunts” | by New York Times

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Zach Giffin going big in Valhalla.

David Sax of the New York Times just wrote a piece reflecting upon what we’ve all noticed of late:  ski movies has a story now.  They never did before.  It was just hucking, ripping, crashing, tricking, and flying in helicopters.  Now, ski movies have stories.   Why?  Scott Gaffney, local Squaw ripper and Matchstick Films editor knows:

Skiing Films Now Have Stories to Match the Stunts

by David Sax/New York Times

Scott Gaffney, who has gladly identified as a director of ski porn for the past two decades with Matchstick Productions, recently told me that the ski-movie industry was undergoing a major stylistic shift. As filmmaking equipment has dropped in price, dozens of new production companies and amateurs have sprung up globally, flooding the market.

“The Internet is killing ski porn,” Gaffney said. “People can find great footage, action and music anywhere online. Now the challenge is to tell a little bit of a story. That’s totally where the industry’s going.”

Read the full article here to find out what happened to ski movies:

Skiing Films Now Have Stories to Match the Stunts

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