Online Retailer Reveals Sales of Skis Are Up 40% During Lockdown

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Sales of skis are UP 40% in the UK! Credit: UBC

It seems that skiers unable to get their powder fix due to lockdown measures are doing the next best thing – buying new skis in preparation for next season. 

UK based mountain gear retailer Ellis Brigham Mountain Sports just announced that online sales of skis during the lockdown period have soared a massive 40%, a 20% increase over the same period last year.

A perplexing statistic indeed! With the uncertainty hanging over the economy right now, many people out of work and/or furloughed, and the fact that we don’t even know whether there will even be a ski season next winter, the last thing I’d expect people to be dropping hundreds of bucks on would be new skis.

“I think the Brits are an optimistic bunch and with many ski holidays canceled or curtailed this season, ski lovers are looking ahead to life after Coronavirus. Why not treat yourself to a pair of skis instead of that planned trip now is a great time what with price reductions and good availability. Something positive to look forward to helps us get through hard times, and obviously for some, having a pair of shiny new skis in the hallway is it!”

Steve Wells, Equipment Buyer for Ellis Brigham

A quick look at their website doesn’t show any particularly great deals, other than free shipping, so I wonder what could be the cause of this huge increase in sales? Boredom?!

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