Have You Seen These Skis? Information Requested to Help Find Skis and Poles Stolen From Mammoth Mountain, CA

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Credit: Facebook

There’s no worse feeling than coming out of the lodge to find your skis or board are gone. The first frantic few seconds with your heart in your mouth as you try and remember exactly where you left them, before the dawning realization that they’re not there. Hopefully, it’s a mix-up, and somebody took them by mistake. Surely nobody could stoop as low as to steal them, right?!

This happened to Elizabeth Scott at Mammoth this weekend. Her skis are missing/stolen, and as a large number of our audience are California-based, we thought we’d spread the message to try and get the skis back to their rightful owner.

“These skis are the light of my life! I saved up all season last winter just to buy them used and won’t be able to afford new ones before next season. I promise no one else will like them as much as I do.”

– Elizabeth Scott

Let’s try and help her out! If you’ve seen these skis and poles, let’s make her day and get them back to her.

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Credit: Facebook

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