Slaying Italy With TGR | Sella Neeva

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Dash Longe, Colter Hichliffe, and Dana Flahr check out a place we’ve never heard of called Sella Neeva, Italy. TGR chose Sella Neeva to film on a tip off from their Italian connection Marco. What they found is killer. Deep snow, spine lines, sun, and all-time terrain!

Sella Neeva, in the Julian Alps, is rumored to be the snowiest place in Italy. Judging by the conditions the TGR crew found, this doesn’t seem far off. Locals were calling this a 100-year winter. The lifts were buried, and they had to dig a tunnel out of the top tram station after convincing the tram operator to let them ride it (this is Europe, not the U.S.). Their short teaser looks killer, and you can be sure that this trip will be prominently featured in their new film Almost Ablaze.

Untitled5Buried chairs, italy was in the middle of a 100 year winter when TGR touched down. photo: Dash Longe

Untitled101Colter Hinchliffe shredding neck deep during high pressure. photo: Dash Longe

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