Slovakian Climbers Caught In Everest Avalanche And Rescue By Sherpas

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The climbers after the rescue! PC: Hindustan Times

According to the Himalayan Times, two Slovakian climbers were rescued 16 hours after an avalanche trapped them 7,200 meters up on Mount Everest. The avalanche occurred on a steep, icy slope that is used as a route to climb the World’s highest mountain. The two Slovakian climbers, Vladimír Štrba and Zoltán Pál, were rescued by four Sherpas, Mingma Gabu, Lakpa Thinduk, Ngima Dorchi and Ngima Wangdi, that saved their lives. The climbers were trapped in an avalanche that hit the south-west face of Mt Everest at 7,200 metres on early Tuesday morning.

“We have been given a second lease of life by those brave boys,” stated Štrba.

The steep, icy route on Everest! PC: Himalayan Times

The Sherpas that rescued the men are employed by Kathmandu-based Seven Summit Treks, they struggled throughout the day yesterday to bring the trapped climbers back to the Camp II, where they were airlifted to Kathmandu for treatment this morning. The Slovakian climbers were trapped on an icy slope, where they struggled for their lives hanging on a safety screw and carabiners for several hours. The rescued that occurred is very rare, due to the dangers that threaten the Sherpas when attempting the rescue. The two Slovakian men suffered minor injuries and are under medical observation at Vayoda Hospital in Kathmandu for few days.

“We had fixed the ropes (nearly 700 metre long) along the risky slope before bringing the climbers back to the safer place,” the rescuers who put their lives at risk to save the climbers stated.

The southwest face of Everest! PC: Wiki Media

Only two members of the “Everest Hard Way Utmost Expedition – 2016” had decided to attempt to climb Mount Everest this season via the south-west face, a rare route which was used by South Korean climber Young Seok Park seven years ago. Most climbers that attempt to climb this massive mountain use the south-east face, the normal route, starting from the Camp II. This successful rescue proves how skilled these Sherpas are and that they work to keep climbers as safe as possible. Thanks to those four brave men, the two Slovakian climbers are safe!

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