PHOTOS: Many Seeing Snow for the First Time as it Dumps on Southern Brazil

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Usually bathed in sunshine, the streets of Brazil were blanketed in snow yesterday. Credit: @Lho_nardo Twitter

A dramatic cold snap brought overnight snow to southern Brazil for the first time in a generation yesterday. Cars, streets, and buildings were blanketed which for many was the first time they had ever seen snow.

“I am 62 years old and had never seen the snow,” trucker Iodor Goncalves Marques of Cambara do Sul told the countryꞌs TV Globo channel. “To see nature’s beauty is something indescribable.”

snow, Brazil
Credit: @Lho_nardo Twitter

Meteorology company Somar Meteorologia reported that more than 40 cities in the state of Rio Grande do Sul had icy conditions and at least 33 municipalities had snow. Up to three feet fell at higher elevations and winds in the city of Sao Francisco de Paula reached 49 mph, a rare occurrence in an area of Brazil more accustomed to being swathed in the sunshine.

Unfortunately, the rare sight is not welcomed by everyone. Areas hit by the cold snap include states where corn, sugar, citrus, and coffee are grown and farmers are concerned the frost could spoil their crops. International prices for coffee and sugar already surged yesterday at the news.

The forecast is calling for Friday to be the coldest day of the year as freezing conditions continue.


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Photos – Snow in Brazil

Credit: Twitter
Credit: Twitter
Credit: Twitter
Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

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