Snow Bridge Collapse in Peru Claims Life of Local Mountaineering Legend

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Mountaineer Who Passed Away in Snow Accident
Edgar Huaman Asis / Photo Credit: La Republica

Renowned mountain guide Edgar Huaman Asis died from an ice bridge collapsing while summiting the Nevado Huascarán, a peak in the Peruvian Andes, on Saturday, June 3. The 39-year-old mountain guide was leading an expedition that also included two French tourists and two porters (experienced climbers who carry most of the gear). The group was reportedly located between Camp I and Camp II in the La Canaleta zone when the incident happened.

Collapsed Ice Bridge
The Section of the Ice Bridge Which Collapsed / Photo Credit: Leo Montejo

Sources initially claimed that the guide was swept away in an avalanche, but a guide from Ecuador who was close friends with Edgar and involved in the recovery of the body claims that it was not an avalanche but a snow bridge that collapsed and buried Asis in snow and ice. Local media reports that no other members of the group were seriously injured.

Following the incident, the Association of Mountain Guides of Peru requested the regional government for support in the search and recovery of the mountaineer. The president of the association, Joseph Guillén, claimed that Asis was “buried by blocks of ice after falling into a crack.”

Local media claims that recovering the body was challenging and time-consuming because the area where the incident occurred is usually dangerous and unstable, but the body has reportedly been recovered.

According to his Facebook page, Asis was a self-proclaimed mountain expert, which is all a reminder of why the outdoors is unforgiving and equal in punishment to all.

Collapsed Ice Bridge From Beneath
Beneath the Collapsed Ice Bridge / Photo Credit: Leo Montejo

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