VIDEO: Snow From Historic Colorado Avalanche Season Still Over 20-Feet Deep in Places

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A historic avalanche season certainly left its mark on Colorado. The devastation can be seen across the state and the cleanup will take years. Forests destroyed, trees flattened like matchsticks.

And in some areas, the snow is still there, as a reminder of the power of nature. Check out these videos from County Road 2 on the way to Silverton.


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5 thoughts on “VIDEO: Snow From Historic Colorado Avalanche Season Still Over 20-Feet Deep in Places

  1. We drove thru this in late September. It ain’t going away anytime soon. The tree-trunks sticking out of the walls of snow/debris was evidence of the awesome power of these events. We found that some of the lesser-traveled trails around Ouray were still not passable in late September due to uncleared avalanches.

  2. Thanks for posting this video, esp. the drone shot! I rode my bike through it around 8/11 and thought my GoPro was on…

    Nice to show folks back home this amazing site.

  3. That drone footage was really cool. I couldn’t imagine being stuck under any of that, it gives me the willies just thinking of it.

  4. When will Snowbrains stop spreading the BS about Avalanche season? There is NO Avalanche season. Avalanches can happen at anytime. Snowbrains is like a tabloid now, it’s either death reports or BS false narrative reports.

    1. Hey DedTed, Thanks for the message. Yes, we understand that avalanches can happen anytime. I have my AIARE Avalanche III certification and am an avalanche professional. In this article, we’re talking in the past about the period of high, large avalanche activity that occurred in Colorado in 2018/19. Thanks again, Miles

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