Snow in the Forecast for Northern Montana, British Columbia

Clay Malott | | WeatherWeather
Forecasted snow for Montana and British Columbia. Photo credit: College of Dupage

The latest run of the GFS forecast model shows small amounts of snow in the forecast for the Northern Rockies of Montana and British Columbia.

The forecasted snow is the result of an accompanying blast of cold air sweeping in from the Northern Pacific. The colder airmass combined with the high elevations of the region may provide the necessary ingredients for snowfall.

The storm is forecasted to drop flakes on the night of Tuesday, August 10. The Kuchera snowfall calculation method shows potential for totals of up to 8 inches in northern British Columbia, with totals nearer to 1-2 inches in southern BC and across the border in Montana.

Nothing is guaranteed, for now, and we’ll get a better idea of what will happen as the storm draws nearer.

The real question is whether this counts as snowfall toward the 2020-2021 season or the 2021-2022 season!

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