VIDEO: Snowballs Thrown at Racer during Alpine Ski World Cup Slalom Event

Steven Agar | | Industry NewsIndustry News

Norwegian slalom skier Henrik Kristoffersen was in the middle of his run when fans threw snowballs at him in an attempt to distract him. The incident happens at 1:00 in the video.

“That was disrespectful. That was not cool at all,” said Kristoffersen (via the AP), who came second to rival Marcel Hirscher. Though he was visibly annoyed, he did not blame the snowballs for the loss: “I would not have beaten him even if there were no snowballs.”

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‘Fans’ throw snowballs at Norwegian racer during World Cup event. Credit: Eurosport

Mikaela Shiffrin tweeted: ‘I don’t care who you are, who you cheer for, what your nationality, or what your reason. Throwing snowballs or any other kind of obstruction at AT racers WHILE they are skiing to throw them off is not only disgusting, but dangerous. Get a life.’

We’re with them. Not cool guys. Not cool at all.

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