Snowbasin, UT Opening Day [Yesterday] Report

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Snowbasin opening day
Snowbasin opening day.   Saucerboy found his way to Snowbasin.

words and photos by Ryan Mulcahy

As opening day at any resort approaches it becomes like a mix of Christmas morning and senior prom. You are extremely excited and have many expeditions, but in the end you have no clue as to how it will turn out. This day signals the begging of the season and for many and with this people are eager to progress in the desired snow sport or simply just have fun. Today at Snowbasin resort in Utah we saw just that. Allot of people who where there just to make some turns and start their season as well as people going big right out of the gate with back flips off cat tracks first run.

Snowbasin opening day
Snowbasin opening day.  Great snowmaking and grooming allowed for some awesome turns.

As somewhat of an underground resort among the conglomerate of Utah ski resorts SnowBasin has  good terrain, decent lifts and can cater to most types of skiers and riders. Due to extensive snow making as well as a fair blessing from Mother Nature the resort was able to offer top to bottom skiing and riding on decent snow. With this they offered skiing and riding off Needles Gondola and Middle Bowl triple as well as Little Cat quad in the lower mountain. From the Gondola or Middle Bowl triple the riding was fast and for the most part smooth down Sweet Revenge and Bear Hollow. From there you could make your way to the bottom via Snow Shoe or School Hill road. In addition the terrain park crew had some nice features with some down rails and a few nice boxes.

Snowbasin opening day
Snowbasin opening day. Good energy in the Air as peopled waited for the first chair to open.

For Thanksgiving who can really complain about making turns and being on the mountain and everybody was in good spirits and felt very fortunate to be riding the given conditions. There is hopefully more snow to come for this resort because from what I could tell much of the terrain and available riding is sizeable to the big name neighbors surrounding Snowbasin.

Snowbasin opening day
Snowbasin opening day. Everybody love Turkey Day Turns.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone let’s have a great season.

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