Snowbird Shuts Down All Uphill Access:

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Snowbird Tram.
Snowbird Tram.

Snowbird ski resort in Utah has shut down all uphill access to its slopes while their ski lifts are operating.  You can hike up before or after hours with a Snowbird guide.  $75 for the first person, $50 for each additional person.

Snowbird Uphill Travel/Hiking Policy and Guidelines:

Due to an increase in uphill hiking, skinning and biking, Snowbird is implementing a new uphill travel policy effective February 1, 2015. Skinning, splitboarding and biking are not allowed at Snowbird during winter and spring operating seasons. Unauthorized uphill travel also includes hiking without a Snowbird guide. To arrange a Snowbird guide for uphill hiking call the Snowbird Activity Center at (801) 933-2147 at least 24 hours in advance. Hiking without a Snowbird guide is not permitted during winter and spring operating hours. – snowbird ski resort

Snowbird Tram.
Snowbird Tram.

This is in stark contrast to Magic Mountain, VT’s uphill policy.  At Magic Mountain, if you skin up, they’ll give you one ride to the top for free.

Magic Mountain, VT: New “Hike One, Ride One” Uphill Policy

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6 thoughts on “Snowbird Shuts Down All Uphill Access:

  1. Awesome ! Uphill traffic at ski resorts during operating hours should never be allowed anywhere. People who hike at ski resorts are lame ducks !

  2. Best that it is this way at the bird people hike up the middle of runs where you cannot see them. I personally had to complain many times as I almost killed people that are just under a rise on a fast groomed trail. This policy is needed at the Bird. If you want to hike up a ski area go to vermont and ride magic… And stay there.

  3. well I grew up in salt lake and know the terrain of snowbird like the back of my hand so the idea of hiring a “guide” is abso-freakin-lutely retarded. I guess i’ll just poach alta on my snowboard good luck catchin me!

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