Man Who Stole 15 Pairs of Skis Worth $13,000 at Snowbird, UT Has Been Caught

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skis stolen, snowbird, Utah
15 pairs of stolen skis returned to their rightful owners. Credit: Fox13

A man who allegedly stole fifteen pairs of skis worth up to $13,000 from Snowbird, UT, has been apprehended following more than six months of detective work, Fox13 reports.

The skis were stolen from the resort between November 2020 and March 2021. After the first few thefts, Snowbird Public Safety and Unified Police began looking for leads, which lead them to catch him on CCTV. There appeared to be a pattern to the thefts, they were all at the same location at a certain time, and parking staff managed to note down his vehicle and unique clothing.

“Our department worked tirelessly, weekend after weekend after weekend trying to get this individual, and then with the help of our parking staff I mean it just came together perfectly, couldn’t have come together any better.”

– Robert Canard, Snowbird’s Public Safety Investigator & Compliance Officer

Upon tracking the 26-year-old man for a few weeks police went to his home in Cottonwood Heights where fifteen pairs of skis were discovered in his garage.

The man, who will face charges, claims he never intended to sell the skis as he thought he would get caught and that he just felt compelled to steal them.

All skis have been returned to their owners, some as far afield as New York and California, and Snowbird has said they will cover the cost of shipping.

Snowbird Public Safety recommends that skiers and riders take some precautionary measures to keep their gear from being tampered with, not just at Snowbird but at any resort. They recommend carrying a small lock, splitting up skis, or simply keeping an eye on them at all times.

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One thought on “Man Who Stole 15 Pairs of Skis Worth $13,000 at Snowbird, UT Has Been Caught

  1. This is one of those crimes that judges tend to treat like it is trivial matter. There are 15 different victims in this case–each was robbed not only of their possession, but for those who travelled a distance to LCC, also of their vacation. I hope that the Utah judge makes sure that this person is dealt with appropriately. Kudos to Snowbird for tracking down the their and covering the shipping costs.

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