Snowbird, UT Report: Dense Powder Day Rippin’

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Report from April 16th, 2019

This morning was crazy fun at Snowbird, UT.

Few people.

Dense, floaty snow.

Lap after lap of good times.

I started the day on the first tram – only access to the Little Cloud zone was available.

Gad 2 powder. image: snowbrains

The snow up high was funky and a bit wind scoured with frozen ridges sticking up from wet, skied up snow yesterday.

But once I got halfway down the mountain, the snow became dreamy.

Dense, creamy, floaty, fun snow covered everything.

It wasn’t crazy deep, but its density gave it no bottom.

Dumping on Gad 2 today. image: snowbrains

I cranked Gad 2 laps all morning until I suspected that Peruvian Gultch may have opened.

When I got to the tram, I met some guys who had gotten into the Middle Cirque Traverse, but by the time I got up there at about noon, it had closed again.

Gad 2 also closed at about noon due to an avalanche.

I was pretty wet by then so I cruised home dreaming of blue skies tomorrow…

Gad 2 powder. image: snowbrains


image: snowbird, 4/16/19


image: noaa, 4/16/19


Snowbird, UT trail map

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