Snowboarder Collides With Moose at Park City Mountain Resort, UT

Haleigh Hafner |

A snowboarder was hospitalized after crashing into a moose in Park City, UT, last Tuesday. Over one week later, the boarder is said to be recovering, according to KPCW News

The male snowboarder was knocked unconscious by the moose and immediately examined by Park City Ski Patrol. After an initial screening, ski patrol realized the snowboarder was suffering further complications, and he was taken to a local hospital. Luckily, the snowboarder will be okay. 

This crash may be attributed to the large increase in the moose population in the Park City area. The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources responded to 12 different reports involving moose sightings between Jan. 8-15. One wildlife official claimed that there are so many moose in Park City because “they’re trying to migrate down looking for food.” 

During this time of the year, skiers and snowboarders should be on high alert for moose sightings. While many of us probably do not think of a moose as a crazy obstacle to overcome, we must pay attention to their presence. A collision with an animal of such size and stature could be life-threatening. If you see a moose on the mountain, you should report the sighting to ski patrol or the local wildlife department.

Moose Sighting in Park City
Pair of moose spotted touring a local neighborhood in Park City, UT.
(PC: Phil Kirk/Park City Police Department)

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