VIDEO: Snowboarder Squeezes Through Tightest Couloir

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WhiteRoom Production’s newest film is available in its entirety and it’s pretty sweet. Of all the wild shots though, the snowboarder through a couloir has to be the best, it must be the tightest first descent ever put down on a snowboard.

Big trouble in a tiny tent is an entirely different ski movie, an uncommon approach to ski movie productions. An adventurous story, rather than the mere juxtaposition of hardcore ski action. Our latest movie focuses on the fun and passion of skiing and snowboarding in telling a fabulous story. In between the professional riders accomplish outstanding athletic performances.


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One thought on “VIDEO: Snowboarder Squeezes Through Tightest Couloir

  1. just to say he did? Looks like a fun accent route, but there must have been a decent route that actually had some good turns…….P

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