There’s an Indoor Snowboarding Competition Next Weekend in New Jersey

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new snowboarding event
This is North America’s first major indoor snowboarding competition. Credit: Slush the Magazine

Snowboarding journal Slush the Magazine has announced a brand new event: its first-ever Game of Big S.N.O.W. Presented by Dakine, the inaugural snowboarding competition is taking place next weekend (August 13-15th) at the Big Snow American Dream indoor skiing and snowboarding park in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

It’s the first snowboarding competition on this scale to be held indoors in North America. Most people aren’t even thinking about snowboarding during the summer months, but this shows that the people at Slush are willing to step out of the industry’s comfort zone—meaning exciting things for the future of snowboarding.

A prize pot of 10K is up for grabs between 32 of snowboarding’s finest rail riders. There’s a heavy lineup of talent: Tommy Gesme, Luke Winkelman, and Zak Hale are some of the confirmed men’s contestants. Lady invitees include Jill Perkins and Desiree Melancon.

A normal game of S.N.O.W. involves one rider naming a trick that everyone must land within a limited number of tries. It’s likely Slush’s Game of Big S.N.O.W. will follow a similar structure, as they announced the competition would be a “head to head elimination format showdown.”

If you’re in the area you can go and watch, you just need to buy a ticket (details can be found at the event). There’s a meet-and-greet with the pros, as well as a public event happening on Sunday the 15th so amateurs can ride the same setup from the competition.

Friday, August 13:
1:00pm Practice Begins
4:00pm Practice Ends
6:00pm Autograph Session
7:00pm Ride With Pro’s
Saturday, August 14:
10:00am Women’s Round Of 16 Match 1 & 5
10:30am Women’s Round Of 16 Match 2 & 6
11:00am Women’s Round Of 16 Match 3 & 7
11:30am Women’s Round Of 16 Match 4 & 8
1:00pm Men’s Round Of 16 Match 1 & 5
1:30pm Men’s Round Of 16 Match 2 & 6
2:00pm Men’s Round Of 16 Match 3 & 7
2:30pm Men’s Round Of 16 Match 4 & 8
3:00pm Women’s Quarter Finals Match 1 & Match 3
3:30pm Women’s Quarter Finals Match 2 & Match 4
4:00pm Men’s Quarter Finals Match 1 & Match 3
4:30pm Men’s Quarter Finals Match 2 & Match 4
5:00pm Autograph Session
6:00pm Women’s Semi Finals Match 1
6:30pm Women’s Semi Finals Match 2
7:00pm Men’s Semi Finals Match 1
7:30pm Men’s Semi Finals Match 2
8:00pm Women’s Finals
8:30pm Men’s Finals
9:00pm Awards
Sunday, August 15:
9:00am Public Comp Signup
10:00am Public Comp Practice Begins
Noon Public Comp Practice Ends
1:00pm Public Comp Jam Begins
3:00pm Public Comp Men’s & Women’s S.N.O.W. Finals
4:00pm Public Comp Awards

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