VIDEO: Benny Milam’s Enchanted Forest | Snowboarding Trollhaugen Resort, WI, in the Summer

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At Trollhaugen Resort in Dresser, Wisconsin, snowboarders like Benny Milam have developed an innate ability to sniff out features and lines in unexpected places and make the most of the little things while dreaming big.

Benny’s dreams become a reality as he stumbles upon a zone that transcends him into another dimension in his newest edit with Red Bull, ENCHANTED FOREST.

Filled with log jibs, forest folk, and just enough snow for Benny to showcase his snowboarding prowess, check out how Benny makes the most out of the area he was raised in.

To read more on Benny’s upbringing snowboarding in the midwest and the process behind building out the course and filming the piece, check out the story on Enchanted Forest here.

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