SnowBrains CEO, Miles Clark, on NBC News Bay Area Last Night Covering Deep Snow in Lake Tahoe, CA

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Last night at 7:15pm PT, SnowBrains CEO and Founder was a guest on NBC News Bay Area discussing Lake Tahoe’s deep snowpack, the tunnel into the house he’s staying in in Olympic Valley, CA, and the loss of stop signs in the area due to deep snow.

“They contacted me after seeing our Instagram post depicting the snow tunnel to the front door of the place I’m currently staying in.  I was so nervous at showtime…  My heart was pounding.  I couldn’t stop smiling when on camera.  They wanted a doom and gloom and fear piece but I think I ended up making it light and fun.  What some might not realize is that we live for this in Tahoe and this type of snowpack is our dream.” – Miles Clark on March 10, 2023


“The Sierra is also getting battered by our atmospheric river — the area is being hit with a mix of rain and snow. NBC Bay Area’s Jessica Aguirre spoke to pro freeskier, and the CEO and founder of a snowsports media company called SnowBrains, Miles Clark, for some insight.” – NBC News Bay Area

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2 thoughts on “SnowBrains CEO, Miles Clark, on NBC News Bay Area Last Night Covering Deep Snow in Lake Tahoe, CA

  1. Yeah Miles killed it! Good sharing the true stoke of non stop go till ya drop. We live on sandy and while its crazy (2/2 of my trucks took a berm hit this year to crack tail lights heehe!) the skiing has been all-time! Wild right but worth every minute. Plus geez we are in shovel shape no gym membership needed

  2. I like how you claim the Stop sign Lawlessness article was a joke, but nowhere in the story to you even attempt to say it’s a joke. If I were you, I wouldn’t put my name on a article of BS either. Problem is you run the website and you post crap like that all the time. Got to get those clicks so you can ski for free another season. I’m glad I don’t click here often, NOTHING ORIGINAL TO SEE HERE. Just the same old stories & same old BS copy & paste stories. Try some Original Content Please.

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