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One of the world’s most popular websites, MailOnline (, just shared the video of SnowBrains CEO Miles Clark’s rowdy descent of Terminal Cancer Couloir in the Ruby Mountains, NV. The site is the world’s largest English-language newspaper website reaching over 225 million unique monthly visitors globally, 75 million of those coming from the United States.

Titled “Skier captures his descent down a mountain gully as snow flows and ‘bubbles’ around him like water in hypnotic footage”, the MailOnline article describes Miles as “slaloming as the powder snow flows around him like a white tsunami.”

In the comments, readers were complimentary:

I consider myself a good skier but this guy is fantastic!!

– KelseyM, NYC

My legs were burning just watching this. Yikes!!

– ZMan, Portland

…and of course, there’s always one…

Chicken should have stayed straight. Full speed baby!

– Comrade Andrews, Australia

The video and trip report first appeared on SnowBrains on March 10th, 2021, where Miles describes his determination to get to the couloir early and make the first descent of the day.

I awoke this morning, March 9th, 2021, in Park City, UT at 3:15 am MT and was on the road 10-minutes later.

The goal was to be the first up the wicked “Terminal Cancer Couloir” in the remote Ruby Mountains of Nevada after a few inches of snowfall last night.

This wasn’t the first time that Miles has skied this couloir. It is a regular stop-off on the drive between Utah and California. In February, the conditions were especially windy, and the trip involved a close avalanche call.

Terminal Cancer is one of the “50 Classic Ski Descents of North America“. 

  • Elevation: 9,570’ / 2,917m
  • Aspect: North
  • Vertical: 1,800’
  • Coordinates: 40°38’45”N 115°25’11”W
  • First descent: Royer, Bard, Baker, Moe 1979
  • “The Rubies hold cold dry snow. Terminal Cancer is a strong line with an easy approach. Getting to Nevada is the hard part.” (FCSDofNA)

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  1. Comments hurt Miles fee fees so he deleted them.. censorship, its the communist way of the future

    1. It’s his website so he can do whatever he wants.
      The locals know he’s a KOOK, one reason he leaves so often as to not be called out on his over inflated ego.

  2. Dude your killin it
    Haters gonna……..ya know

    Btw awesome decision making posts earlier this season to show the mental prep side of getting off Piste-

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