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SnowBrains Intern #1.

SnowBrains is looking for passionate people who are positive, original, and intelligent, just like us.

Work remotely 5-10 hrs a week from anywhere in the world, so you still have time to ski/ride, surf, climb, hike, bike, etc. Sound fun?

This internship will be all about covering the ski/snowboard industry for SnowBrains. We’re looking for someone who loves skiing/riding, follows these sports closely, and is available from now through spring and beyond.

This is your ticket to get involved in the ski/snowboard industry.

This is an UNPAID position. We can offer college credits, references, and lift tickets in exchange. ALL of our paid writers and editorial staff were once SnowBrains interns. Last season, a previous intern of ours was hired for a Marketing Manager position at a major US ski area thanks to connections made through SnowBrains. And another recently joined the marketing team at a major Tahoe resort.

SnowBrains is an emerging major player in the snowsports industry media space, and we’d love to team up with you on this wildly fun ride.

To learn more about the guys you’ll be working with, click here: About

This intern will be assisting with:

  • Writing articles & conditions reports
  • Internet research
  • Reporting on the latest ski/snowboard industry news
  • Creating original articles

If you or anyone you know might be interested, please drop us an email, and we’ll tell you more about this position:

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8 thoughts on “SnowBrains is Hiring Summer 2023 Interns

  1. Imagine the stigma associated with being a computer Nerd. This picture sums it up, why would anyone want a job that doesn’t pay? You need to change your hiring campaign Snowbrains. Tease the new hires with bottomless powder, the good stuff that the South Americans use. It will definitely help to keep them going all night when you got to make those deadlines.

  2. That picture remains one of the all time classics, especially like he has a heater in one hand

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