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2023 will be a HUGE year for SnowBrains, and we’d love you to be a part of it.

We’re searching for a sales intern who can work 5-10 hours per week with us. We can offer college credits, references, and lift tickets in exchange as well as potentially leading to a paid, commission-based role. This intern would ideally be located in the USA due to the required phone calls/contacts.

2023 is our 10th Anniversary Year, and we’re looking for partners to help us celebrate. If you already have a foot in the ski industry or want to get started, this could be the position for you. We’re seeking someone who can generate and follow up on leads to create lasting partnerships for SnowBrains. We want you to ‘think different’ and approach companies and media agencies you think dovetail with our mission.

We are looking for passionate people who are positive, original, and intelligent, just like us. Work remotely, so you still have time to ski/ride, surf, climb, etc.

SnowBrains’ motto is: “Intelligent, Original, Positive,” and that’s what we’re looking for in our interns.

Working with SnowBrains is your ticket into the ski and snowboard industry and a guaranteed good time.

The idea behind this media company is that we get to go skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking, or surfing every day. Sound fun?

This is an UNPAID position. You would report directly to and work alongside our CEO and Founder, Miles Clark. Experience with Hubspot and LinkedIn is preferred but not essential.

All of our paid writers and editorial staff were once SnowBrains interns. This season, a previous intern of ours was hired for a Marketing Manager position at a major US ski area thanks to connections made through SnowBrains.

SnowBrains is a major emerging influencer in the snowsports industry media space, and we’d love to team up with you on this wildly fun ride.

For more details, please email your resume to with the subject ‘Sales Intern’.

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