SnowBrains Powder Highway 2022 Report: Day #3 Finally Found Powder in the Revelstoke, BC Backcountry!

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Report from January 16, 2022

On Day #3 of our Powder Highway adventure, we finally found powder, dammit!

We woke up in Revelstoke today damn tired after 900-miles of driving in 2-days and a bit of skiing at Red Mountain, BC yesterday.

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Duane pop! image: snowbrains

We finally got going at about 8:30am on our way to some fun backcountry lines.

We were about 30-minutes into our drive when Duane yelled out “Shit!”

Lee and I both knew right away that he’d forgotten something critical…

Lee slash. image: snowbrains

Ski boots!

Unphased, I turned around and drove us back to town.

Honestly, I needed the extra hour of rest…

Duane squeezing onto the summit. image: snowbrains

The rain in town turned to snow and turned the edges of our mouths up.

It had been a rough go the past 2-days driving the “Powder Highway” in pouring rain and nefarious

fog not knowing our fate.

I simply adore the creeks up here. image: snowbrains

We’ve committed to at least 2 weeks up here and if all turned out rain and fog and slop and trash, we’d have been shattered.

That all changed when we stepped out of the car, slapped on skins, and felt new snow squeak under our skis.

The vibe changed violently.

Mushroom. image: snowbrains

Wrinkles in our brows smoothed.

The pitch of our voices raised an octave.

Stories and laughter flowed for 2 and a half hours as we climbed high watching the snow stack higher.

Duane difficult creek crossing. image: snowbrains

4-7″ of new, fluffy snow on top of wet snow greeted us on top.

It snowed moderately all day.

Wide-open pow skiing morphed into dense tree hallway hunting with the occasional accidental pillow drop.

Pillows! image: snowbrains

At the bottom we were ecstatic.

High fives, hugs, hoots.

We skied too low and had to cross the creek in a goofy spot.

Duane easy creek crossing. image: snowbrains

Duane damn near fell in the creek and gave us a good laugh.

We drove home happy.

The Powder Highway delivered and it was clearly promising to deliver much much more…

SnowBrains Powder Highway 2022


Roadside pillows. image: snowbrains
Lee crosssing. image: snowbrains
Dwanis. image: snowbrains
Lee crosssing. image: snowbrains
Miles about to pillow drop. image: snowbrains


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