SnowBrains Powder Highway 2022 Report: Day #7 Revelstoke, BC Pow Rippin’ on 306″ of Snowfall This Season!

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Lee sending with the Gondy! image: snowbrains

Report from January 20, 2021

Revelstoke Mountain Resort, BC, has already gotten 306″ of snowfall this season!

“The new snow on top of the groomed runs was the winner today.” – Duane

We woke up today expecting a dusting of snow.

But there was 6″ on the car!

We got out there early and lined up for the gondola at Revelstoke Mountain Resort, BC.

Gnorm the Gnome was reporting 17cms of new snow this morning.

Gnorm the Gnome getting buried today! He’s 10.7″ tall. image: Revelstoke

The mountain was a fun puzzle today.

Up high was cold and dry snow, but you still felt the bottom a bit.

In the middle of the mountain was the sweet spot where it felt more bottomless, and you could open it up a bit. 

Duane pillow smashing. image: snowbrains

The new snow on groomers mid-mountain off the gondola was money!

We found some fun pillow skiing near ‘Kill the Banker’ that was a blast.

What was crazy is that there was as much snow in town as there was 6,000′ up the mountain at the top of the Stoke Chair.

6″ on the car this am. image: snowbrains

We started the day on the Stoke, then honed into that mid-mountain sweet spot and did gondola laps the rest of the day.

Life is good in Revelstoke, BC!

Rando ripping. image: snowbrains

Tomorrow we’re off to Golden, BC, to get ready for our helicopter into the Meadow Hut with Golden Alpine Holidays…

It’s about to get wild!

SnowBrains Powder Highway 2022

Snow Numbers

image: Revelstoke, 1/20/21

Weather Forecast

image: Revelstoke, 1/20/21


image: snowbrains
Happy on the Stoke. image: snowbrains
Van life Lee. image: snowbrains
Lee pop. image: snowbrains
Rando tree sneak. image: snowbrains
Rooster Duane. image: snowbrains
Apres! image: snowbrains
Pillow Duane. image: snowbrains
Downtown. image: snowbrains
Duane crushing. image: snowbrains
Slathered mini van. image: snowbrains
4th bridge! image: snowbrains
Gondy goods. image: snowbrains
Stoke life. image: snowbrains
Tractor life. image: snowbrains
Tracks. image: snowbrains
Happy Lee in line. image: snowbrains
Dropping into Revy. image: snowbrains
Town life. image: snowbrains
Dwanis. image: snowbrains

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