SnowBrains Powder Highway 2022 Report: Day #8 Kicking Horse, BC is Absolutely Badass!

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Report from January 21, 2022

Today we zipped over Roger’s Pass from Revelstoke to Golden to ski the legendary Kicking Horse, BC.

Revelstoke and Roger’s Pass were buried in low clouds, gloomy, and dark…

Once over the pass, things started to lighten up.

Sun hit the peaks and brought the mountains to life.

As we rolled into Kicking Horse the sky was full blue and sublime.

We thrashed out of the car, crammed into the gondola, exchanged stories with some Fireball swilling Canadians, and emerged unscathed.

Gorgeous tracks. image: snowbrains

Bryce had a ketchup and mustard outfit just like me so we took a photo together.

We shralped a few inbounds laps then ducked into the backcountry.

We poked out and looked at a run I skied here in December in the sun.

Duane above Golden, BC. image: snowbrains

I dug a pit and the results were no good…

I got 3 compression tests to fail at only 3 taps from the wrist about 10″ down.

We backed off that slope.

Miles slash. image: snowbrains

We headed up high and dropped a formidable chute that got our hearts beating.

At the bottom, we were stoked and satiated.

We decided we’d just do one more run in a low-angle happy zone and call it quits.

Everything in this photo is inbounds at Kicking Horse. image: snowbrains

The happy pow run was happy.

We saw more we wanted to ski just one ridge away…

We knew we had a lot to do tonight as we’re headed to a backcountry hut via helicopter tomorrow morning and we still had to food shop and pack.

Happy Canadians and their hucking fun of the day! image: snowbrains

We shopped at Save-On, grabbed pizza at Red Tomato Pizza (Lumberjack that comes with maple syrup!), packed up, met us with all our buddies coming on the trip (we’re a group of 14), and watched the Warriors win while watching the sunset on Kicking Horse from the Prestige Inn.

Life is good and we can’t wait to get out to the hut and some big snow tomorrow.

Thanks, Kicking Horse!

Duane with the look back. image: snowbrains

SnowBrains Powder Highway 2022

Snow Numbers

image: kicking horse, 1/21/22

Weather Forecast

image: kicking horse, 1/21/22


Ketchup & Mustard twins. image: snowbrains
Mustard and Ketchup! v
Bulging. image: snowbrains
Dwanis. image: snowbrains
Duane headed up. image: snowbrains
Golden Eagle Gondola. image: snowbrains
Stairway to Heaven. image: snowbrains
Vistas. image: snowbrains
This photo is Golden, BC. image: snowbrains
Yeah, I didn’t ski this chute… image: snowbrains
Digging around in the snowpack image: snowbrains
No go. image: snowbrains
The chute we skied.
Miles about to drop. image: snowbrains
Duane about to drop. image: snowbrains
Yikes. image: snowbrains
Layers. image: snowbrains
Big mountain, small human. image: snowbrains
Kicking Horse backcountry. image: snowbrains
Half and half. image: snowbrains
Kicking Horse. image: snowbrains


Gnarly accident on Rogers Pass. image: snowbrains
The Purcell Mountains. image: snowbrains
Rogers Pass. image: snowbrains
I lived in Mary’s Motel in Golden BC for 2 months in 2018… image: snowbrains
Gondy views. image: snowbrains
Old school wicket ticket! image: snowbrains
Duane and scenes. image: snowbrains
Duane grinding up. image: snowbrains
Kicking Horse Gondola. image: snowbrains
Inbounds terrain at Kicking Horse. image: snowbrains
Photo of Miles taking a photo. image: snowbrains
Ozone. image: snowbrains
Kicking Horse from the room. image: snowbrains
Kicking Horse from the Prestige Inn. image: snowbrains
Train crossing in Golden. image: snowbrains
Red Tomato Pizza! The Lumberjack comes with maple syruyp… image: snowbrains
Shit-eating grin and Red Tomato Pizza. image: snowbrains
Getting ready for the hut trip with Golden Alpine Holidays tomorrow. image: snowbrains

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  1. Hello Jon Jon, I was in a backcountry hut with no electricy for the past week. Just got back on the grid and trying to catch up. thanks for the kind words. I’ll be posting a lot from last week starting tomorrow once I’ve done some editing and more. Have a great day

  2. Has anyone heard from Miles? Snowbrains is dead, no new material and Miles seems MIA. Maybe he’s deep in the woods of B.C. snuggled up to his honey bear? Guess I’ll slumber through the old material again, now i see why you guys like to post the same crap over and over. It helps fill the gaps, when the Snowbrains writers are tapped out of ideas. Without Miles, this website drags

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