SnowBrains “Stay-at-Home” Workouts: 15-Minute Intense Ab Workout

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Hello, my name is Miles Clark and I’m the CEO/Founder of SnowBrains.

I’m not in the most incredible shape, but I ski a lot (264-days last season) and I find that these workouts help keep me tuned up during the offseason and they’re working great during this Coronavirus lockdown as well.

I’ll be sharing some of my workout routines during this Coronavirus crisis:  upper body, lower body, abs, cardio, etc.


Today, I’d like to share my ab workout.

I like working out with HASfit because this couple is cool, calm, collected, and non-meathead-y.

I do this workout every other day and have never been able to pull off the full workout without taking many breaks.

When first starting this ab workout, I recommend only doing 50-75% of the workout so that you don’t get real sore.

Sometimes, after taking a break for a week or two, I’ll jump back into this workout and do the whole thing and be damn sore for about 4 days – so now I make sure to only do 75% of the workout when first coming back from a break.

Please enjoy and let me know what you think of this ab workout.

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