SnowBrains Survey: What Are Your Expectations for Winter 20/21?

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SnowBrains winter 20/21 expectations – we want your opinion. Photo by Arisa Chattasa | Unsplash

Complete the SnowBrains survey

Next winter will be unlike any that has gone before it. Or any that will follow.

Many resorts have come out with their expectations, and how they plan to operate, but ultimately, nobody knows.

So we thought we’d ask the people that matter. You. The skiers and riders that love sliding on snow, the people that spend thousands of dollars on passes, gear, and traveling. The people who dream all summer of that next face shot, slashing pow, or nailing that trick in the park.

Complete the SnowBrains survey

What are YOUR expectations for next season? What do you think will happen? What would you like to see happen?

Here is the link to the SnowBrains survey. We’d like to know your thoughts and opinions. We’ll collate the results and figure out what you collectively expect next season.

The survey consists of 30 questions and should take less than 5-minutes of your time. Please spread and share among your snow-loving friends and family.

boyne, Brighton, utah
Miles Clark getting DEEP at Brighton, UT. Credit: Court Leve

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16 thoughts on “SnowBrains Survey: What Are Your Expectations for Winter 20/21?

  1. They take it hook line and sinker.
    Funny stuff people and their opinions
    Thanks snowbrains for the much need comedic relief.

  2. Liberal arts definition: those areas of learning that require and cultivate general intellectual ability rather than technical skills;

    Its too easy, like picking on a repubtard.

    1. I love how you think your liberal arts skills are more useful than an electrical engineer or a agricultural science degree.

      You’re such a d hole. Sniff your own farts. Live on your own island so us normal people don’t have to deal with your overinflated sense of self worth. You’re probably not going to survive very long with a pen and paper as your only tools.

  3. watching a bunch of democrats have meltdowns on teenagers not wearings masks

    more pictures of Biden sniffing children

    1. Far rite Republican voters are probably some of the smartest humans in the world no doubt.
      This world is such a better place indeed cause of such.

        1. He went to one of those fancy liberal arts schools that made him super articulate and useful in modern society.

  4. Its gonna be sooo goood.
    I mean like really, really good.
    Like nothing you have never seen before.
    Just so, so good.

  5. I think most big ski areas that can (maybe?) take more financial risk will open and try to make it work for as long as they can. Some small ski indy areas may not be willing to gamble and will stay closed.

    I agree it’s going to be a bit chaotic at places that do open. Big resorts can be kind of chaotic under normal circumstances, and relying on people to follow special rules and manage themselves seems to be a lot to ask in this day and age.

    1. “…relying on people to follow special rules and manage themselves seems to be a lot to ask in this day and age.”

      True, but sad…so sad.

  6. Def: clusterf#ck (n) : a complex and utterly disordered and mismanaged situation

    Yall think ski resorts aren’t going to be a clusterf#ck with this pandemic, distancing, face masks or not?
    Hah, people ya real smart.

    Just read this recent editorial opinion from the daily tar heel newspaper at UNC if that gives you any insight to what this ski seson is going to be like, let alone this upcoming national election with the uspo and mail in balloting.
    Ya some peeps r real smart….

    1. making judgments based on 12 sq in of fabric or lack of reminds me of “America is not divided by race, it’s divided by wise men and fools. Fools divide themselves into class, race, sex, etc…”

  7. And the #1 answer is….
    Ding ding ding

    Jerry of the day and Iklown Joey tie for first place!!

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