[UPDATED] The Snowiest Cities in the USA

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Downtown Salt Lake City with the Wasatch Range emerging in the background

We love snow. We’re guessing you do too, that’s why you’re here. To follow our passion it would make sense to live where there is the most snow. Problem is, the current ‘snowiest cities’ data is from 2010 and out of date––until now.

The team at Blue National HVAC analyzed the most recent data, from 2020, to bring us the most up-to-date list of the snowiest cities in the USA.

Our team manually analyzed 2020 climate data to get the most updated, accurate estimates of annual snowfall in inches. Most sources online — including government databases — use snowfall measurements from 2010 and projections from the same year to estimate current snowfall. In an effort to provide more current measurements and rankings, we’ve sourced our own data from 2020.

Our method of obtaining data included sourcing information from the National Centers for Environmental Information and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Unlike most weather databases that haven’t been updated since 2010, our data includes recorded snowfall total averages across 200 cities through 2020.

We determined the 200 largest U.S. cities based on population and then compared them based on their recorded snowfall.

Our primary goal with this study was to determine the snowiest major cities across America, so we organized the top 25 snowiest cities by average annual snowfall in inches.

snowiest cities
Credit: Blue National HVAC

Surprise findings:

  • The least snowy cities in America that still receive some measurable snowfall include Bakersfield, CA, Denton, TX, Laredo, TX, and San Antonio, TX.
  • Only 12 major cities reported over 50 inches of snowfall.
  • The average for the top 200 snowiest U.S. cities is less than 10 inches annually.

These are the snowiest cities in the USA and their average annual snowfall:

Salt Lake City, UT – 134.5″

salt lake city, Utah, snowiest city
Salt Lake City, the snowiest city in the USA. Credit: KUTV

Colorado Springs, CO – 133.5″

Anchorage, AK – 105.6″

Rochester, NY – 102.2″

Fort Collins, CO – 84.2″

snowiest cities,
Fort Collins, CO. Credit: NewCountry991

Buffalo, NY – 82.2″

Denver, CO – 77.9″

Colorado snow storm
The aftermath of a snow storm in Denver. Credit: David Zalubowski / AP

Grand Rapids, MI – 77.6″

Worcester, MA – 55.9″

Minneapolis, MN – 53.4″

snowiest cities
Snow covered park in Minneapolis. Credit: Pexels

Boston, MA – 52″

St. Paul, MN – 51.2″

Spokane, WA – 46.8

Akron, OH – 46.1″

Sioux Falls, SD – 45.3

snowiest cities
Top 100. Credit: Blue National HVAC

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6 thoughts on “[UPDATED] The Snowiest Cities in the USA

  1. Where is Flagstaff, AZ? There’s no way that Austin, TX gets more snow then Flagstaff. Y’all need to check your facts better

  2. Reno, NV is missing. Would have been 37th on the list with 22 inches annually. It is the 80th largest city in the US so should have been on.

    I agree that the San Jose, CA number is whack. I’ve lived in the Bay Area since 1998 and have only seen non-accumulating snowfall once in about 1999. The last accumulating snow was Feb 5th 1976.

  3. I don’t see Syracuse NY among the 100 snowiest cities. It certainly was snowy as all get out when I lived there. Wikipedia says: “Boasting 115.6 inches on average, Syracuse receives the most annual average snow of any metropolitan area in the United States” Meanwhile, Salt Lake City, in the midst of a decades long drought, to the point that the lake is drying up. Not so much. Wikipedia says: “Snow falls on average from November 6 to April 18, producing a total average of 60 inches.”

  4. Why did you take your numbers from a literal HVAC website?!?! Is this sponsored content or something?

    You had better check your numbers on Salt Lake. That’s more like Park City. That’s maybe the all time record for a season? The first 30 results on google put it at around 50 inches.

    Same with FoCo and Co Springs.

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