VIDEO: Seeking Snowledge – The Last Snow of Summer 2020 in Tahoe, CA

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Welcome to the very first episode of Seeking Snowledge. Join the Snowledge Team as they explore the world of winter sports in different locations around the globe.

In this first episode of Seeking Snowledge Kenzie And Riley Bathurst travel to find snow in the middle of summer. A passion known by snow enthusiasts as Turns All Year, the challenge being making turns on snow in every calendar month of the year. They take the adventure south of Lake Tahoe to a place called the Carson Range and Roundtop Peak.

Follow along as they make a fun pit stop along the way at their favorite state park on Lake Tahoe, D.L. Bliss. As the weather begins to turn and the leaves fall with snow in the forecast the Snowledge Team is gearing up to take winter by storm.

With weekly releases and adventures ahead join us while we create the newest webisode series centered around our favorite passion, winter sports.

Snowledge is ready to give you that one thing you didn’t know you needed. An adventure webisode series, on a weekly release schedule, so you can now fill those midweek precious procrastination minutes with something you care a little more about, winter adventures. Fun, action-packed episodes that take less time to watch than building up the courage to open your email folder and a great way to rev that excitement for that upcoming weekend adventure.

Seeking Snowledge will be covering the Snowledge Team and their winter adventures this season and beyond. Travel, skiing, snowboarding, resort profiles of new and familiar resorts, and surprises all in one entertaining package. So follow along as the adventure begins and we take you along to endless destinations.

Airing today on the first pilot episode of Seeking Snowledge, Kenzie and Riley begin the series in the middle of summer. Chasing the dream of making turns on snow every calendar month of the year, also known as Turns All Year, they hike, sweat, and scrape their way down what little snow is left in the Sierra’s. Summer patch skiing with an adventure pit stops along the way.

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