Snowmobiler Killed In Avalanche In Island Park, Idaho On Saturday

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Raymond John Moe. Image: Courtesy Photo

According to CAIC, a snowmobiler was killed in an avalanche on Saturday in Island Park, Idaho. 46-year-old Raymond John Moe of Missoula, MT was out snowmobiling with a group on Saturday when he was buried by an avalanche. The incident occurred east of Rayes Peak in Island Park.

The Red Pin marks Island Park, ID. Image: Google Maps

After 40 minutes of extensive searching, members of his group were able to locate him. Raymond was buried deep below the snow and despite many attempts, the members of his group were unable to  resuscitate him. At the time of the incident, he was wearing a beacon. As of now, there has been 7 avalanche deaths this winter, 4 of which have occurred in 2018.

US Avalanche Deaths This Season. Image: CAIC

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