Recent Wintry Weather Has Left Many Mountains with Snowpack x1,000s More than Normal

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montana, snowpack
6,600% above normal! Credit: NOAA

It’s no secret that the intermountain west has been slammed with wintry weather this last few weeks, doing wonders for the early season snowpack.

Montana and into Wyoming got slammed for a couple weeks or so with record-breaking snowfall and low temperatures, Idaho has just been dumped on, and Colorado resorts got a bunch of snow, enough for resorts Arapahoe Basin and Keystone to open this weekend.

colorado, snowpack
Colorado SWE. Credit: NOAA

What’s been so great about this though is that temperatures have remained low enough for the snow to stick around. Early season snowpack is looking great, with many areas well above 1,000% of normal.

Yes, we know it doesn’t really mean much, the law of small numbers blah blah, but it sure looks great for us powderhounds getting excited for the upcoming winter. Is it a sign of things to come?

Idaho, snowpack
Idaho snowpack. Credit: NOAA
Utah, snowpack,
Utah snowpack. Credit: NOAA
snowpack, wyoming,
Wyoming SWE. Credit: NOAA

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