Westwide Snowpack Is Significantly More Than Normal for This Time of Year

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Current westside snowpack % of normal. Credit: NWS

It’s still very early in the season, but this graphic of the current snowpack across the western states makes for good reading.

With the exception of central and eastern Wyoming, almost every single area is showing a snowpack well in excess of normal for this time of year.

Some big storms have massively boosted snowpacks and allowed many resorts to open early.

Areas of Utah, Oregon, and Nevada are showing snowpacks in excess of 2000% of normal. The Tahoe region is showing 718% of normal, Colorado around 200%, southern Utah around 800%, the Wasatch around 300-400%, and the Tetons around 140% of normal.

And there are some big storms in the forecast for the coming week.

It’s worth repeating that it’s still early in the season, and the law of small numbers applies, but who doesn’t want to see that the snowpack where they are is 20x what it normally is?!

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